Chelsea Clinton's marriage to Marc Mezvinsky is a match made in…they will NEVER divorce

Marc Mezvinsky is a seriously good looking son of a bitch. And he’s smart if that Stanford degree means anything (Tiger Woods, btw, was a Stanford drop-out). Seriously, Chelsea could have probably done better but she definitely could have done a lot worse with Marc, a childhood friend she met during her college years.
It frightens me a little bit that Marc’s dad was incarcerated for fraud and spent 5 years in federal prison in 2002 as a result;¬†the senior Mezvinsky¬†unknowing to Marc, used Marc’s bank account to pocket the loot from his little mini ponzi scheme whereby he basically bilked his investors of $10 million. Marc is obviously not his father. That is as stupid an assertion as saying that Bernie Madoff’s sons Andrew and (what the heck was the other guy’s name? Mark?) are the same as their father. You can’t blame the boys for the bad acts of their dads. Marc Mezvinsky is not Ed Mezvinsky.
This is a good match because they have so much in common. Both went to Stanford. Both are from political families. Both are of the same age group, same race and same socio-economic background. Both seem to enjoy their privacy. Sure, they are an “inter-faith” couple and that is a big de-stabilizer of a lot of marriages over the long haul. But as long as Chelsea is willing to at least learn about Jewish traditions (somehow it is always the non-Jewish spouse who has to make the adjustments…what is up with that?) then they should be okay.
The main reason that those two will never divorce is because Chelsea won’t allow it. She sees by example how hard marriage is. Look at her parents. Look at what they went through. Especially her mother, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. But nothing shakes that marriage’s foundation. It is built on solid rock. Chelsea has taken notes. Even if her husband were to ever stray, I strongly doubt she’s going anywhere (though I just read that she’s had a clause in her prenup that says if he cheats he pays her $10 million dollars). I don’t even think that him running a ponzi scheme of his own would do it. Not saying he ever would. But let’s say he were to have a midlife crisis and decide that a ponzi sounded like a nice little risk and he got caught (and this would singularly be the worse thing I can imagine him doing to her) I still think she would stay. She will never divorce this guy.
This marriage is forever. And, I mean, look at the guy. He’s cute. Marc Mevzinsky is hot. He’s a good looking son of a bitch. Just as I said at the beginning of this post. And now, Chelsea is having his baby.