The hedge fund divorce: London-based super-couple Martin Coward & Elena Ambrosiadou ("IKOS") to duke it out in divorce court

ANOTHER HEDGE FUND DIVORCE: Juicy details of the contested divorce between British born Martin Coward and his wife Elena Ambrosiadou to follow. In the meantime, here a little bit of the back story, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal. We’ll be back at you with more as soon as we have it.
The WSJ:

The couple launched the Ikos group of hedge funds in 1992 and rode it to prominence. Mr. Coward, a reserved, Cambridge-educated math Ph.D., was director of portfolio management and research. He was the brains behind Ikos’s computer programs and investment strategy, according to people familiar with the firm.
As chief executive, the more gregarious Ms. Ambrosiadou, with a master’s degree in business administration, ran operations and was a key driver of growth, these people say.
They split partly over disagreements about how to manage the business, according to court filings and people who know the couple.