102 Democrats divorce Barack Obama on Afghanistan war funding

I love me some Barack Obama. But I am not happy with his war policies and I have to say I am in total agreement with those democrats who have refused to give him a “blank check” to fund the wars in Afghanistan. While 148 democrats continue to support the president on his war appropriations bill, (and 160 tea party republicans) it is not insignificant that nearly 50% of the voting members of house democrats voted against, essentially, divorcing themselves from the president’s war agenda in the wake of the Wikileaks scandal and mounting casualties in Kabul.
I mean, we have spent over $1 trillion dollars on these two ridiculous wars and Americans are out of work and can scarcely afford their mortgages. Seriously, is it me? Or is this whole thing ridiculous?  Had I been a member of Congress, I would have petitioned for a divorce on this one myself. And I love President Obama. I am a big supporter. I voted for him. But I am TOTALLY AGAINST this war, just like I was against the war in Iraq.
And he ought to think about the fact that his strongest supporters on this issue are his “enemies” in Washington. Support from your enemies is not true support, Mr. President. It is sabotage rolled up in sweet smiles and encouraging nudges. Wake up already and bring the troops home! That is what you should have done since day one. That is why folks like me voted for you. What are you doing? What have you allowed these people to convince you to do? MISTAKE. MISTAKE. MISTAKE. BIG effing MISTAKE!!!
I love the President so much. But what is he doing with these wars? What is he doing?