NEW YORK: Dominick Cusumano tries to stick ex-wife with a $1.6 million tax bill (lien could leave her and kids homeless)

BREAKING NEWS….Divorce drama in New York. A Long Island man irritated a Long Island judge when the man tried to get out of paying the IRS by tipping off the IRS about a $1.6 million tax debt the man owed the IRS. Basically he told the IRS to take the house his wife and kids were living in to square off the debt. Plus, according to the New York Post he also took $14,000 from the children’s bank accounts to pay the kids’ child support. Here’s a synopsis of the situation (Speaking of the Situation, did you hear Jersey Shore’s Snooki got arrested today?):

A Long Island judge said a “despicable… vindictive, vengeful and hateful” business man is the ex-husband from hell because he tried to stick his former wife with a $1.6 million tax bill, faked a business downturn and even took money from his kids’ bank accounts.
On the eve of his divorce trial, Dominick Cusumano, a home improvement company president, volunteered the information to the IRS that he did not report the $1.6 million – and suggested they take the house his wife and kids were living in.
But, while claiming poverty, Cusumano lived the high life of Palm Spring vacations, luxury vehicles, a large boat, all-terrain vehicles and expensive duds, the judge said. As a result the court refused to burden the wife with the debt – leaving the husband liable.

Good for the judge that he didn’t buy this guy’s BS. I mean who steals  takes $14,000 from kids’ bank accounts to pay the same kids’ child support?