Tony Heyward's uncontested divorce from BP is a labor of "love"

Tony Hayward’s decision to step down as the public “face” of BP is a testament to how much he “loves” the company. He will be succeeded by American CEO Bob Dudley, the first American to head the British oil heavy weight. Tony has felt unfairly vilified and maligned by the American press, in spite of his “gaffe-filled” handling of the oil spill that menaced the Gulf for months upon months.
Poor Tony. If only he had not said “I want my life back” he may still be in people’s good graces. I think he was treated a bit harshly. He is only one man, not the entire corporation. It was a terrible mishap and it was also expensive and destructive. But what I saw in him was a man truly trying to make amends and to fix the problem. It is unfortunate that he was the only face out there that people could see, and associate with the entire mess. But the buck did stop with him, and so, what can I say? I am not the world. I am only one, insignificant human being. I saw that it was terribly unfair to this one individual. But who cares about that? No one cares.
So now, Tony and BP have drawn up their separation agreement and he’s off with tears in his eyes and love in his heart, for BP, to head a company in Russia.
Poor Tony. The marriage became untenable and so, he has no choice but to get a divorce. Let’s hope they are nicer to him in the Kremlin.