Chelsea's wedding tab proves she's a big-spending Democrat; what if Marc turns out to be Levi?

Just wondering about this whole situation now that Chelsea and Marc have happily wed. I mean, is it true that Levi and Bristol broke off the engagement? Too late for Marc to do that, obviously. But…I mean, what if he got all screwy and weird and decided in under a year or so that he doesn’t really want to be married? Or if he does something that Chelsea decides its best if they divorced? wowza. Not that anything shocks me anymore. I mean, the price tag for Chelsea’s wedding was a bit shocking. I’ve heard estimates as high as six million dollars. Which is crazy. But then again, they are Democrats. Big spenders by definition when you compare them to, say, the Bushes, whose daughter Jenna got married to a tab of $100,000 according to the WSJ. But how can that be? Is that accurate? $100,000? That is more than just frugal. That is just cheap. What did the guests get to eat at that occasion?
But yea. Just wondering about Marc. I looked at the photos more closely and I hear this distant ping in my ears. Like, is this guy emotionally constant? Could he pull some shenanigans like, say, Levi? That is insulting, I know. Levi barely graduated high school. This guy is a Stanford grad, a former Goldman Sachs investment banker. He’s what? thirty? To compare him to Levi is just asinine. But still. What if he pulls something weird and this thing implodes? Then when you look at what she spent on that wedding….you know what? This is stoopid. I am not going to do this analysis. It’s a jinx first of all. And second of all, it’s stoopid. So I’m gonna stop.
She was a beautiful bride. That is all. She was a beautiful bride.
Originally published August 1, 2010