MASSACHUSETTS: Fidelity exec Sanjiv Mirchandani and his beauty queen wife Sabina Paul to divorce

FIDELITY EXEC AND BEAUTY QUEEN WIFE IN MESSY DIVORCE What happens when a beauty queen turns 50? Well, if you are Indian beauty Sabina Paul and you are married to “mutual fund multimillionaire” and head of Fidelity Investments, Sanjiv Mirchandani, you file for divorce. But only after beating your husband with a bottle of wine that leaves bruises so deep, he has to cover his already dark skin with sunblock lotion to hide his cuts, in order to attend a business meeting with big wigs without being ridiculued by his peers.
The Boston Herald ran the story a couple of days back. Here’s a juicy excerpt:

With a 19-year marriage, two teenage daughters and an estate valued at up to $25 million on the line, Sanjiv Mirchandani, 49, president of Fidelity Investments’ Boston-based National Financial Services subsidiary, and Sabina Paul, 50, of Westboro, Miss India USA 1981, are accusing each other of abuse, penny-pinching and lavish spending sprees.
She says he’s a self-absorbed tantrum-tosser who made her and their children share a mattress on the floor as “enforced frugality.

Can you believe how bad-behaving affluent people can be? What is up with that? How do you force your wife to sleep on a mattress on the floor when your job calls for you to oversee over $1 trillion dollars in assets? And in the wife’s case, how to you beat your husband with a wine bottle? What if that thing broke and cut him in the eye or something? What is up with that?
As if the husband’s bad behavior is not enough, now the wife is basically claiming that he’s not being totally transparent about his assets. She asked the court for “full disclosure” but the judge apparently declined to order Fidelity to turn over even more documents than the company already has on behalf of Mr. Mirchandani who owns 1% of stock in the company according to the Herald.
Stay tuned for updates.