CANADA: Billionaire Robert Miller and ex wife Margaret Antonier go for a post-divorce slug fest

MONTREAL: How long does it take billionaires to divorce? If you are Robert Miller and Margaret Antonier, YEARS!

Canadian billionaire Robert Miller, the elusive owner of the global Future Electronics empire, is trading sizzling cross-border allegations of misconduct and financial wrongdoing with his former long-time wife.
Miller, 63, is accusing his ex-wife, Margaret Antonier, of having a romance with his former chief financial officer and siphoning up to $10 million from Miromar Development, a Florida real estate venture she operates but in which he owns half the shares, Quebec court records show.
For her part, Antonier alleges in Florida court records that she asked Miller for a divorce in 2005 after discovering that her billionaire husband engaged in what her lawyers describe in the court documents as alleged “horrible wrongdoings” and “wrongful acts. “

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