Caroline Giuliani arrested for shoplifting at Sephora: delayed reaction to her parents' divorce?

News just hit our blog that former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani’s 20 year old Harvard attending daughter Caroline was arrested in Manhattan for shoplifting in a Sephora make up store! That is straight up crazy!!!
Rudy and his estranged former wife Donna Hanover were divorced back in 200…? When was it? Prior to 2007. He divorced his wife after she outed him for an extra marital affair with his current wife, Judy. It was a real mess, their divorce, complete with press conferences spilling the dirty laundry and everything. I remember being totally shocked about the whole thing. But this blog didn’t exist yet, so I never talked about my shock till now.
The familial fall out from the divorce was so bad that when Rudy made his ill-fated run for the presidency in 2007, his son Andrew basically told him to eat dirt. He was not going to support his father after how Rudy treated Donna, and Andrew publicly made that very clear. Little Caroline, on the other hand, was not as vocal, even though she “listed herself as a member of Obama’s Facebook group.” So that act spoke volumes. It was a passive aggressive way of saying, “daddy, go eat dirt.”
But now, with this news of the theft (btw, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has not decided if to press charges, even though Sephora expressly declined to press charges…isn’t she a lucky little girl?) one has to wonder if this is some kind of delayed reaction to the divorce? Poor Caroline. Her father used to be the District Attorney and he prosecuted all these criminals. And very competently too. Now, his daughter may be prosecuted. And for what? A petty theft at Sephora for $100 bucks? That is embarrassing. Why did she do that? That is rage against her parents. Because that girl obviously doesn’t need to steal. She’s rich. Her parents are rich. Heck, she goes to Harvard. WTF is this all about? Why would she do something so depraved yet so petty? My gosh! See what divorce can do to an otherwise good kid? See why the Clinton’s never divorced?