Is Michaele Salahi a Russian spy who’s secretly divorced from her husband apparent?

The Associated Press announced today that Michaele Salahi is auctioning off her infamous red sari to benefit the people devastated by the earthquake in Haiti and those suffering from multiple sclerosis.
Michaele, who gained international notoriety after she and her husband crashed the White House Correspondent’s dinner last year, appeared on the View today to promote her show with the other “Real Housewives of D.C.”  participants. It seems there is no love lost between Michaele and the other contestants, although, some of it seems to be jealousy directed at Ms. Salahi for her superior “fame” and for the skinny frame. (She’s the Bethenny Frankel of the show, in other words.)
Michaele tried to make light of the crash even though Joy and Sherry had a pea in their shoe, with Sherry even declaring “you should be in jail [for crashing the dinner and getting so close to the president!]” Her husband Tareq, whom she is not divorcing, was notably absent. It apparently had something to do with the fact that he got into a wine tossing fight with one of the other wives on the show.
No divorce between Michaele and Tareq is imminent. They are both big time media whores and they are more valuable to each other being together as a couple than getting divorced. And why would they divorce anyway? They are partners in crime. They both crashed the dinner; although, Michaele says it wasn’t a crash….
Is she a spy? That is my big question? Is she the Evelyn Salt of D.C.? Do Obama and his administration know it? Is she being bartered for something else like the other Russian spies like Anna Chapman were this summer? Do they know something we don’t? Weird how everyone sort of took that event in stride. Weird how she was able to penetrate the dinner to begin with. Weird. I’m thinking she must be a spy of some sort. There is espionage here. And the CIA knows it. They are just giving her enough rope to hang herself….or maybe she’s a double spy. Who knows.
But nice dress. Nice of her to auction the dress for the poor Haitians. She is magnanimous.
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