Obama turns 49 and his entire family is MIA; is there marital trouble in paradise?

I hope the Obamas are ok but was it bad scheduling on Michelle’s part that causes her to be in Spain on the day her beleaguered husband turns 49? How could she leave him alone like this to face all this media speculation that there is trouble in the marriage? They must have known it would look bad for her not to be here on his birthday.
Could they be having trouble??? I hope not. It would be the first in history that a U.S. president, a sitting U.S. president, divorced his wife. And I know the Obamas would never want that as a part of their legacy. So I know there is no trouble in paradise. But it just strikes me as really poor timing for all of them to be away on his birthday. He must feel like a lonely Leo in the White House. Bill Clinton is a Leo. When he got stressed and lonely, he did VERY reckless things. He survived. But Obama is not Bill. He will not survive anything reckless in the White House. Trust me.
So for his and Michelle’s sakes, I hope all is well with the marriage. And I hope she never leaves him alone to be lonely and alone on his birthday again.
Oh, and Mr. President? Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, Mr. President. Happy Birthday to you!  🙂