SAN FRANCISCO: If judge lifts California same-sex ban gay divorce will be possible…unless divorce ban bill passes

A San Francisco Federal judge is expected to decide today whether the state’s ban on same sex marriages is constitutional. The case is Perry v. Schwarzenegger, 09-02292, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California (San Francisco). And the judge is Vaughn Walker.
If he strikes down the ban, then obviously it’s not only same sex marriages but also same sex divorce which will become de rigueur in California. Unless, of course, the push to ban divorce in California takes root. In which case, what are we looking at here? A state with everybody married and nobody divorced? That might be interesting….but could be bad for the murder rate….I’m just saying.
UPDATE: Judge struck down Prop 8 on the grounds that it unconstitutionally infringes on the liberty rights of gays and lesbians without a “rational basis.” Gay divorce still not possible, though, as an appeal will be filed and in the meantime, there is a STAY on gay marriages. But if the Supreme court refuses to hear the case, the ban on gay marriages could be a thing of the past. And not just in San Francisco. All over the country.
Wow. I mean, look, I’m a Christian. I know what the Bible says on this issue. But I am also an American. We are, and always have been, a country of laws. Our Supreme Law is our Constitution. The Constitution guarantees liberty to all. It guarantees equal protection to all. Can the Bible and the Constitution coexist on this issue? Maybe not. But if one must trump, I think it has to be the Constitution. We separate Church and State in this country. Let God judge those who do not abide by the Bible. Let the Constitution protect those it has vowed to protect.
So, while this has been a long journey for us over here, we stand on the side of the Constitution on this one.
Divorce lawyers in California must be salivating already. It’s gonna be really, really interesting in the coming years. I feel it in my bones.