BRAVO's real housewives takes on D.C and Bethenny Frankel's blissfully happy…

The D.C. housewives show debuted tonight and I don’t have any comment at this time about what I REALLY think about them. Except to say the Michaele Salahi seems slightly strange in a weirdly hyper, forced kind of way. Still, her husband Tareq seems committed and smitten so no one needs to start giving her unsolicited divorce advice.
But what about Bethenny Frankel on Bethany getting Married? You know what? I love her! I love her. And I love her show. I love Jason and Bryn and her two assistants too. I’m a little skeptical, as a woman, about Julie. She’s very proficient and maybe even too good to be true. Bethenny seems very trusting and I’m certainly not going to sit here and put any negative ideas into her happy head. But this thing with Jason being starved for six weeks and going “tipless” can be trouble. Not that he and Julie will EVER cheat on Bethenny. I don’t think so. But you know what? Because I know that homosapiens are intrinsically polygamous, and because I’ve come to know that you don’t trust ANYBODY with your man EVER, I would say that Bethenny needs to put her guard up just a little bit with regard to overly proficient helpers all around her with vadges.
But yea. I’m not a TV person but I am becoming seriously addicted to Bravo’s shows, in particular Bethenny getting Married. I find her so relateable. And now, I am totally rooting for her. If Jason ever cheats on her I’ll help her cut out his vadge-servicer myself!
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