Do White and Black kids respond differently to parental divorce? If so, which group is more adversely affected?

There are some studies that suggest that White and Black teens react differently to their parents divorce. Surprisingly, there is some indication that White teens take the divorce harder and have a tougher time adjusting. Not too sure why that might be. But if I had to guess, I think Black teens may have more of a social network after a divorce whether at their church, or in close knit neighborhoods in urban areas. White kids may feel more isolated after the divorce. Although, I can see how someone could argue against this theory. I am not exactly sure to tell you the truth why there is a difference in how kids respond to a divorce based on race. It would be really interesting if I could talk with young people to hear their stories and find out from them how they feel. In other words, do my own empirical study.  Because I would think a divorce would impact kids in similar ways irrespective of race. I mean, people are the same basically. Why should there be a difference in how they take the marital failure that is based on race? Maybe there is a difference. But I think I need to speak with these kids for myself. I don’t think I want to take the word of “researchers” on this one. There is a flawed hypothesis in this somewhere and I’m not buying it. But I wanted to share that I read that there was a difference in how different racial groups of kids handle their parents’ divorce.