EDINBURGH: 3 children blown up in gaseous explosion were at centre of a protracted divorce

American couple Theresa and Pasquale Riggi were in the middle of a bitter divorce when their three lovely children were blown up in a gaseous explosion in Edinburgh. The sole survivor, mom Theresa is too sedated to be much aide to the police. Her estranged husband who is the plaintiff, is quoted as being “traumatized” but “helpful” to the investigation which is proceeding as a criminal one.
Mr. Riggi told police that his wife abducted the kids and failed to show up to scheduled court dates. She was eventually tracked down but¬†this obviously didn’t end well. It is not clear that she is the one who blew up the house, however. This is a criminal investigation at this time. Here is more from the UK Guardian:

Last month the Riggi children had become the focus of a missing persons’ inquiry after disappearing with their mother from the family home in Aberdeenshire. They were later traced to the property in Slateford Road, Edinburgh, but Mrs Riggi failed to attend the court of session in the city on Tuesday for a scheduled hearing in a divorce case brought by her husband. A judge instructed court officers to locate the children, involve social workers and apply for a protection order if deemed necessary. The Riggis had been due back in court for a further hearing.
A friend of the family said Gianluca and Augustino, known as Luke and Austin, and Cecilia, had come from “the most loving family home you could imagine”, and had been doted on by both parents. The children had been home-schooled and this was said to have been an issue between the parents.
Police were called to the house after reports of an explosion. They found a small fire, but no problems with the gas supply and launched a criminal investigation. Officers have said they want to speak to Mrs Riggi to ascertain exactly what happened. They are taking advice from doctors at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary where she is under sedation.

My my. Very sad. Very, very sad. Read more at the Guardian here:
UPDATE: Mrs. Riggi has been charged with the murder of the 3 children.