Divorce and Insurance: Should billionaires get “divorce insurance”? What about regular Joes? Should they get divorce insurance?

I was just reading in the New York Times about this new product for divorced people: DIVORCE INSURANCE. It is being offered by this company called Safeguard Guaranty Corp, a start up in North Carolina.
What a concept, right? Smart? Opportunistic? Or a restraint on marriage? Why isn’t this type of product a restraint on marriage? They are literally paying you money to get divorced. Something seems a little bit wrong with that. They are literally offering you an incentive if you get divorced. Money. Lots of it if you reach the maturity date of the policy and you’ve paid your $15.99 premiums for the life of the policy. Also, I mean, doesn’t a portion of this premium morph into marital property? I mean, you are paying the premiums during the marriage. Anything you earn during marriage is marital property. So some of that money you use to pay premiums is marital property. Also, after a certain time period, your policy basically appreciates by $250 per year. That appreciate arguably (or indisputably depending  on how you look at it) occurs during marriage. IT’S MARITAL PROPERTY!
But they don’t think so. Listen to what they said about it on their website:

WedLock Divorce Insurancesm has no monetary value until your divorce is finalized and therefore cannot be claimed as community property by a greedy spouse or their legal representatives.

I beg to differ on this one.
But here’s the thing. If I were a billionaire and could afford to buy up a whole chunk of this insurance, I think it might be worth it. Especially if I married without a prenup. I think this type of insurance is a great hedge against a greedy, money-grabbing spouse who didn’t sign a prenup. Because depending on how much you put into the insurance, whatever you had to pay the spouse you ostensibly will get it back from Wedlock Insurance.
I’m thinking every single billionaire in the world who is married should get Wedlock. Just make sure to stay married for at least 4 years. And this thing is really great because just in case you don’t know if you are likely to divorce, before you purchase you can figure it out. They give you the tools right on the website. Says the Times:

To help people determine whether they need the insurance, the company has a Divorce Cost Calculator and a Divorce Probability Calculator, among other similar calculators on its site.

So what do you think? Should folks get divorce insurance? Would you get it? Even if you are not a billionaire?
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