The scent of divorce: Does your divorce have a smell?

Divorce Lawyers, advertisers and other divorce professionals take note: divorce “scent marketing” may be a wave of the future
tulipsThis post was originally published on November 4, 2009. I decided to republish it based on something I was reading in the WSJ about a “corporate” almost divorce (Citi, Zell and Tribune, when the author said something smelled ‘Like Divorce Work)
That intrigued me, of course. Because I wonder if divorce and divorce work has a “smell” that is distinguishable. It probably doesn’t. But it doesn’t stop me from speculating about it and wondering and now that someone actually said that something smelled like divorce work, well, that just did it right there. It made my ruminating on this subject legitimate. Then I remembered I’d writen this post and decided to pull it out and repost it.  So, what do you think? Other than “you’re crazy.” Does divorce have a smell? And if so, what can that knowledge do for divorce lawyers and other divorce professionals in terms of their marketing of the products and services? If anything?
Scent technology is the newest, hottest thing – a marriage of technology and, you guessed it, fragrance. Many companies are already using scent technology in their marketing and it got me to thinking about scent in the context of divorce and  I wondered whether, if divorce could be reduced to its olfactory nucleic state, what would it smell like? And how can that be used to improve or target this niche group. Is that crazy or genius or what? Call me crazy genius cause I think I may be on to something. Don’t tell me you’ve never wondered? Well, me neither till just now. It popped into my head just as I was reading about the divorce of a superstar in London. I thought, “wow. Divorce must smell. It must have its own scent or odor. Just like money, milk and honey, divorce must have a smell.” Maybe different people’s divorces may even smell differently.  Some might be musky. Some might be smoky. Some might be fishy…I mean, Guy Ritchie’s divorce from Madonna definitely smelled like money, I’m thinking. I’m sure…..Cold, hard British pounds piled up in crates. That’s how their divorce smelled to him. And to her too.
I just Googled “scent technology” and came up to this blog called Digital Scent Technology Blog. And this is what they had to say about Scent Technology and the power of scent:

The Power of Scent…

  • makes content extremely immersive and compelling
  • creates mood, such as foreshadowing or ambiance
  • intensifies emotions, such as fear or love
  • establishes place and season
  • helps develop characters
  • gives a heightened sense of reality

 I guess scent can also have a negative effect. Divorce is basically a negative thing; except when it is a positive thing as we discovered in the book we did a review on the other day by Candace Walsh (check out our book reviews by clicking on the book reviews link!)
So, other people’s divorce may not be so fragrant as Guy Ritchie’s divorce was to him. (I think Guy Ritchie had a very fragrant divorce myself.) Well, maybe it is fragrant, but like anything else, everybody’s fragrance will smell different and so everybody’s divorce will have its own unique smell. And someone’s perfume is another person’s….whatever…
I mean, lets say you run a restaurant with your spouse. All of a sudden, you are getting divorced. You buy your spouse out of the restaurant and now, it is all yours. You own the restaurant. So now, what is the smell of your divorce? It might smell like oysters on the half shell. Hopefully fresh ones? How am I doing with this? Are you just like, “this chick has really lost it this time with this senseless drivel she spits out on a daily basis! Cracks me up when people get annoyed with me. They can’t seem to understand that I’m having a bit of fun with this blog. They have such high expectations – way higher than I have for myself when I get on here. Relax. This is a blog. I am not running the New York Times website, folks….)
Okay. So more about scent technology and divorce. So what does your divorce smell like? Maybe you are divorcing someone who has no assets, only debts. He may also drink, smoke and do drugs. You stayed in your 2 year marriage about 18 months too long. What does this divorce smell like?
What does it smell like when you divorce a famous ball player?
What does Stephanie Seymour’s divorce from billionaire Peter Brant smell like? So many permutations.
Divorce can smell like mud, pigs, vineyards in Rhinebeck, pork, wine, metal, fish, poison, money, Euros, Pounds, saturated fats, toothpaste, empty beer bottles that have been sitting around for weeks, medication, Viagra, other people’s underwear, babies, Swine flu, gardens filled with Valentine’s day tulips, armpits, expensive parfums, ass….
…………….omg the possibilities are endless! 
Okay. Time to stop. I’m starting to bore myself. But you get where I’m heading with this concept, right? And believe me, in a few years, it’s actually going to be talked about and implemented in marketing strategies. And then, you would have been on the cutting edge, because you heard it here first. It will be like a big time marketing tool for divorce professionals and divorce lawyers too.
The Scent of Divorce.