CALIFORNIA: Twice divorced billionaire Donald Bren’s identity and cash get stolen; plus his teens want more child support

California billionaire Donald Bren, a twice divorced father of seven (he’s currently married to third wife Brigitte Muller) was in the news today on account of the fact that some guy stole his identity and his cash refund check to the tune of about $1.4 million. Mr. Bren has lodged a criminal complaint against this alleged refund thief.
It’s ironic that this person stole a check of that size from Bren because for years now, Mr. Bren has been in a child support altercation with his two out of wedlock teenage children, Christie and David, whom he had with a woman by the name of Jennifer McKay Gold. The teens are pretty much asking the court for over $2 million dollars per month (he’s allegedly paying about $17,000 per month) in child support. They are basing their request on California’s current child support formula which is based on the income/assets of the wealthier parent.
What do teenagers need with $2 million per month in support? That is crazy.
The thing with that lawsuit is the Mr. Bren is refusing to “fully disclose” his assets. Normally parents have to fully disclose their assets so that the courts can determine the fair amount of child support based on the formula. But it appears that Mr. Bren wants an exception carved out for rich daddies like him.
As I said, he reportedly has seven children. Another of his children could have used that tax refund that was stolen to pay down on his own tax debt. According to reports his son Steven has a massive multi-million dollar tax delinquency with the state of California. Over $2 million in personal income taxes according to California’s franchise tax board. Could this be true?
Wow. No wonder Bren is not amused by this identity thief. He seems to be a very frugal guy and he doesn’t even spoil his own kids with money. Why should he sit back and allow some wise guy to abscond $1.4 million of his hard earned money?
Go get him, Mr. Bren.
But my big question is this: Should billionaires and the very wealthy be exempt from the child support formula given the outlandish results it produces? I mean, think about it. The average monthly child support in California is somewhere under $400 per month. That is based on the monthly income of the support paying parent. And that is based on the fact that the average person in California does not have $13 billion dollars in assets like Donald Bren is reportedly worth. So obviously, if you apply the formula in these anomalous circumstances, you are going to get crazy and preposterous results, like Bren’s kids who, according to the formula, should be getting about $2 million per month.
Should a cap be applied to the formula for the benefit of  billionaires like Bren? Just wondering.
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