Will HP CEO Marc Hurd's wife Paula Hurd file for divorce now that he's quit amid sexual harassment scandal?

Hewlett Packard CEO Mark Hurd has self-destructed. He got himself caught up in a sexual harassment situation with a female contractor for his company and so he was forced out, not because of the sexual harassment directly, but because his conduct was deemed an exercise of poor judgment by the company’s board.
Hardly a novel story, is it? But what about his lovely wife Paula Hurd and his two children? Will this story so embarrass the missus that she seeks a divorce? Or will she stand proudly by her man?
And it’s a shame because he’s been widely credited with turning HP around and cutting costs and all that. He was doing a good job, the bleeping idiot.
Oh, these bad-behaving bad boys of Wall Street big business. When will they learn to keep the family jewels in their pants? Oh, wait. According to the WSJ he “did not have sex with that woman.”
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