Is Tiger Woods' post-divorce golf game "gone?"

Poor, poor Tiger. I was reading a really pitying article about Tiger Woods today from the Associated Press and I felt really sad for him. This is how the author ended the article:

He’s got no chance to win, no chance to even compete. The forced smile on his face makes it look as if the fiercest competitor ever seen on the links has now basically given up on himself. I wrote a few months back that maybe the worst thing that could happen for the public still fascinated by Woods was that he would become a mediocre player, challenging here and there but no longer able to dominate like he had in the past. I was wrong. What’s worse is what is happening now.  His game is gone. And the increasing reality is, it may not come back.

Ouch. Poor Tiger. Is he really finished? Is the divorce from Elin really the last straw for him? (Yes, I think I have to finally admit that the divorce may really be 100% happening.) It’s like Sampson when he lost his hair. Tiger has lost his strength now that he’s lost his marriage. All that is left is this pitiful creature.
But you know, he’s a Capricorn. And the one thing that will get his head back in the game is to feel pitied. Capricorns hate it when people pity them.
If he is in fact getting divorced, Tiger needs a time out. He needs to stop. He needs some simplicity. He needs to take a break from golf first of all. But he needs a break from his life. He needs to trade being Tiger and be his real self. He needs to experience a simple life where he’s just a person, not Tiger Woods. What is his real name? Eldridge? Something like that? He needs to discover that guy.
He needs to meet ordinary people and maybe mow the lawn and do normal things for a few months around the house.
Heck, you know what? He should come visit me. I will put him to work cutting the grass, watering the plants and painting the walls of my house, helping to cook regular meals, doing the dishes.  🙂
No, seriously. If I could talk to him I would tell him to put everything down and come stay a while with me. Just be a regular nobody. I know it would be hard. But that is what he needs to do. He needs to talk about things, laugh, remember that at the end of the day, he’s just a human being like everyone else, no more no less.
I would take him for drives in the country, we’d have barbecues, and read magazines and books that have nothing to do with golf. I’d get him journaling, meditating and exercising without cameras and entourage and all that. I’d make him some of my famous ginger tea every morning and we’d spend the evening hours watching mindless tv (reality shows anyone?)
He’d do this for a month. Or two. Or three. As long as it takes for him to realize he’s a soul inside of this famous body and he’s fallible. And it’s okay. It’s okay. Everything happens for a reason. Everything that has happened was destined to happen. It’s okay.
Then, we’d work in him meeting a nice, regular girl. No flash, just substance, a good person, a decent human being with values. She would be an anti-trollop type and she’ll have a brain and good soul. She would love him with or without the money.
Then, in a few months, I’d have him start to practice his game again. With confidence and humility (not mutually exclusive). And by the end of the year 2011, he’ll be winning tournaments again. I guarantee it.
So all this pity he’s getting? Please. Tiger does not need pity. He needs a time out. He needs to realize the lessons he’s to learn from this whole situation: That his soul is that of a simple human being; and somewhere along the way, he lost touch with that.
Tiger, email me, kid. Let me help you.
A friend.