VIRGINIA: Billionaire widow Bunny Mellon on gardens, idols, politicians and divorce

I’ve had billionaires on my cerebral cortex all week. Why? Dunno. Maybe because billionaires have been front and center in the news after about 40 billionaires, including Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, pledged all or some of their riches to charity following their demises.
Hey, I wonder if billionaire widow, divorcée and horticulturist (and friend of Jackie Kennedy) Bunny Mellon took the pledge?
Bunny Mellon is the widow of billionaire banker and horse-breeder Paul Mellon. She was profiled in Vanity Fair this month and sounds a delight: a soon to be a centenarian (oh, wait, that’s right. Her birthday is today!), and she’s planning a 100th birthday bash in Nantucket according to the piece. 
Mrs. Mellon is a very happy old lady, gardening and collecting art to her heart’s content in rural Virginia where she owns a 4000 acre farm. (She also owns homes in Antigua, Nantucket and a bunch of other places).
So what does she have to do with idols, politicians and divorce? Nothing really. To tell you the truth, Bunny’s too good for this blog. But you know us. We never met a billionaire we didn’t want to gossip about. So we’ll just have to make some connections to idols, politicians and divorce just so we can have an excuse to talk about her.
Say, did you hear that American Idol winner Fantasia is the subject of an “alienation of affection” lawsuit in North Carolina? Well, the thing is, North Carolina is where Elizabeth and John Edwards used to live as a married couple until their jihadi style divorce that came about after Rielle Hunter “alienated” John Edwards’ affection from Elizabeth.
Now, you also probably heard that Bunny Mellon was a major campaign donor for John Edwards and really wanted him to win the Democratic nomination and then the presidency in 2008 (though she didn’t know of all the distractions he was dealing with). Well, now, Bunny is known colloquially in the press as John Edwards’ “sugar mama.” And her money is largely believed to have gone to finance the birth of Edwards’ love child with Rielle Hunter.
Oh, speaking of the divorce element: Mrs. Mellon is known in her circles as the “Listerine Heiress.” She’s a member of the “International best dressed list” and she’s had two marriages herself. One ended in the divorce and the other, which lasted about 50 years, was to Paul Mellon who died in 1999.
She is a child of divorced parents too. So clearly she is not a stranger to divorce. Probably just the ones that involved “alienation of affection.” Btw, according to reports, her second husband was introduced to her by her first husband….
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