NEW YORK: 34 years after divorce, Victoria Rohring reunited with "abducted" children

Strange and bizarre are two words that come to mind when you hear the story of Victoria Rohring, her husband Jimmy Black and her children Karen and Scott. Seems after a stormy marriage, Victoria and Jimmy got divorced. Then one day, after he had been visiting with the children then 7 and 5 respectively, she got a call, she says, from a Black family member telling her that the children had perished in a car crash back in 1976.
Since that time, she’s heard nothing of her children or her apparently dead husband till earlier this summer when Scott called his mom letting her know they were both alive and well. Their father, who apparently lives in a rented room in his son’s property, claims he never told Rohring that the children were dead but that it was her choice not to visit them in 34 years.
All parties appeared on the Today Show and spoke with Matt Lauer about the ordeal.
Is this not the craziest thing you’ve ever heard even for a divorcing couple? I mean 34 years? That is a long time to keep kids from a parent. That  is tantamount to parental neglect!