On divorcing Obama: The president's poll numbers show supporters are leaving him en masse; two reasons why and what he can do

President Obama is not feeling the love from a lot of former supporters, including Democrats and Independents. One might say that these voters have pretty much asked for a divorce. Quite frankly, I think he called this on himself. But it’s not over yet. This marriage can be saved with just a modicum of changes on his part. There are two things that come to mind right off the bat. If he does these two things, the love affair will be restored almost immediately.
1. He needs to get more people to work
2. He needs to end these wars.
So, how can he get more people to work? Well, I’m not exactly an economist. But if I were advising the president I would tell him the answer is in two places: Manufacturing and small business. AND I SAID THAT BACK IN 2008 ON MY OTHER BLOG! America needs to manufacture more things especially in the energy and technology sectors. And he needs those geniuses he’s hired as advisers to figure out how to do that.
As far as small business goes, it just makes intuitive sense that if they had focused on small businesses instead of big banks, this economy would have been in a much stronger place today. What have the big banks done for any of us lately except leached us? But if he had created a federal fund pool from which small businesses could get low interest loans and even grants it would have been better.
The President and those geniuses that are advising him should give Americans incentives to create new companies. The criteria would be that borrowers provide a solid business plan and decent credit (not perfect credit necessarily) and just a good, solid idea. And if the business was already in existence, all he had to do was help them get additional financing with maybe a few months grace period to start repaying the loans.
Of course, the rub would be that these companies would have had to hire a certain number of people in order to get the funds. You figure, if just one million small business hired two people (because they had the ability to do that through these federally guaranteed loans and grants) how many people would be working today? How many new jobs would that have added to the economy? A lot more than 17,000. 
So. That is what he needs to focus on. Putting the little people back to work and basically telling the banks to….well, just forget the banks. What a waste of time and energy that was. Like a bad relationship. Ew. 
It’s not to late. And there are a lot of Americans with great ideas for businesses who may not be able to get financing from these banks for one reason or another. But a federal program can change that. Make it easier for small businesses to obtain loans (after proper vetting of course) and make a one of the conditions be that the company MUST HIRE at least one person but even more depending on how much they get. It will fix the economy in no time flat.
The other thing President Obama failed to do which is a personal peeve, is those wars. Now, like everyone else, I understand the importance of our foreign policy. But when like now your domestic situation is as dire as it is here in America with over 25 million Americans out of work, now is not the time to be fighting wars in the Middle East. He should have brought the Iraqi troops out from day one. And he never should be surging in Afghanistan. Americans don’t get why that is so necessary when they can’t pay their mortgage. That is why they want to divorce him. And I don’t blame them. I don’t see the justification for sending our sons and daughters into war at a time like this. There’s got to be more intelligent and less costly ways to fight the Taliban. WAR DOES NOT SOLVE ANYTHING. It is an archaic solution. We are in a different world than our grandparents of the First and Second World War. We should be using technology to fight the Taliban and using the trillions of dollars we are spending on these ways to fix our domestic problems.
I can’t believe with all these geniuses from the top schools in this country, that nobody could simply have advised him on that. They have misadvised him on these two key issues and that is why so many people want a divorce.
But as I said, it is not too late to fix this marriage. He can salvage this relationship. Get the little people to work. And bring home the troops.