"Afterwebrokeup" is a trending topic on Twitter today…what about afterwedivorced?

There was an article on Slate yesterday about how Blacks use Twitter in a different way from other races. Something about “hashtags” and “retweeting” and “followers vs. following” numbers. “Well,” I thought, “whatever. Another racecentric generalization that makes no sense.”
So this morning I noticed that there’s a hashtag on Twitter called “afterwebrokeup.” And all of a sudden, I feel educated. I feel, “wow. Ok. This is a hashtag. I get it. This is cool! I can even turn this into a Divorce Saloon post!”
So, what can I say about a hashtag called afterwebrokeup?   Well, someone should start a hashtag: afterwedivorced. That’s what I say about it. How about that? If they did, what are some of the things they would say? Well, I guess the same like what they say to the hashtag afterwebrokeup. Some of it is poetry, some of it is crass. But it’s real. It’s how it is. Here are some examples of what folks might say to a hashtag afterwedivorced based on what they are saying to afterwebrokeup on Twitter:

“I realized you were an example of someone I was not supposed to be with” officialgboi_
“You saw me happy in the new relationship I’m in and now you want me back?” thesexpolice
“I started realizing being single was not a bad idea after all.” prince16greg

“You let yourself go!” MsShaniceB

Some of the responses on Twitter were intense. Too crass to add to this blog. But it’s the same old story. Whether it’s a break up or a divorce (and isn’t a divorce just the ultimate break up) people all over the world have the same responses. Some move on, feel happier, some regret leaving, some wish harm upon their partners. ETC.
Just thought I’d share that since I feel so cool that I know what a hashtag is…
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