Does Jetblue employee Steven Slater's behavior say something about how he'd handle marriage? Is he a divorce risk?

Hey, don’t know if Steven Slater, the Jetblue flight attendent/folk hero is married or not. I do know that what he did cracked me up into a million pieces. I laughed till I cried when I saw this young man deploy from the aircraft from the emergency slide of the plane after it had landed at Kennedy Airport.
I don’t want to say it’s something I could see myself doing. I mean I hope not; I hope this doesn’t start a trend. But I will say I can relate. He’d had it with the situation, he’d had it with the job and he took his beers and his georgie bundle (aka knapsack) and ejected himself out of the situation. That was good shit. It was good shit. And as I said, I laughed my head off. Because I got it. It resonated. It really, really resonated.
And so, I’ve been looking for an excuse to talk about Steven on this blog. But obviously, I couldn’t because there is no divorce angle. And if something doesn’t have a divorce angle, as a general rule we don’t talk about it on this blog.
But here’s an angle. Well, here’s the question: does what Slater did say something about his core personality that should worry anyone who falls in love with him and marries him? In other words, what he did says a lot about how he handles conflict, how he behaves when he’s reached his limit. He just leaves. He packs his shit and he leaves. He will simply take his belongings and eject himself dramatically from the situation. And without remorse. Without second thoughts and without any care for the consequences. When he’s had it, he’s had it and he’ll see black and it’s just over.
But he won’t necessarily do it right away. He was a flight attendant for 20 years according to reports, after all. So he put up and shut up for a while. And, I guess, folks thought “oh, Steven’s nice, he’s a push over” but in fact, he was storing it all up. He was not a push over. He is not a weakling. He was storing it up. Keeping score. And then, the pin that broke the camel’s back. And that was it. He was out of there without a backward glance. Like, boom. boom. pow! It’s over.
Interesting. And something for his wife, lover, partner, to think about. DON’T PUSH STEVEN SLATER TOO FAR OR HE WILL EJECT OUT OF THAT RELATIONSHIP IN STUNNING AND DRAMATIC FASHION.
But yea. I understand what he did 100%. And it is bloody hilarious. It really really is. (Just please, no copy cats, please. This could be dangerous.)
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