GEORGIA: Attorney arrested for forging judge’s signature on adoption docs; prior reprimand for dating her client’s hubby while handling divorce case FOR BOTH!

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has arrested attorney Lynn Swank for forging a Fulton County Judge’s signature on adoption documents. The woman was hired by Catholic Charities for the Archdiocese of Atlanta to handle the case and she basically lost her mind and decided to forge a judge’s signature. She was arrested and hauled off to jail where she now sits awaiting bail. Chances are she will permanently lose her license on this one because she’s had prior ethical violations. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

She has faced charges of ethical misconduct before. In 1999 Swank received a public reprimand for advising both husband and wife in a pending divorce suit without notifying either party that she was consulting the other, according to documents uncovered by Atlanta Unfiltered. She continued representing the wife without informing her that she had begun a personal relationship with the woman’s ex-husband.

Now, that’s just off the charts. What was Ms. Swank thinking? Is there something in her morning espresso that makes her make these off the wall judgment calls?
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