Is divorce the only solution when there is bad sex in a marriage?

To tell you the truth, I don’ t know the answer to this question. I mean, bad sex is no fun. It’s frustrating, annoying and stultifying. (What does stultifying even mean? It sounded good so I threw it in for kicks. I hope it means that it makes you feel ashamed and humiliated and ugly.)
The conventional wisdom, for some, is that if you are attracted to each other, if you love each other, you will have good sex. Are we not hard-wired to have sex and to have it with those we find attractive and desirable? Sex is the most natural thing in the whole world. It is life itself. Literally. And it should not be so “difficult” and “hard” to have quality intercourse with one’s spouse. Unless, of course, there is a medical reason for the shortcomings.
And, I mean, I’m not a sex expert over here. I am not Dr. Ruth. But it seems to be that if sex is consistently bad then there may be some compatibility issues that need to be examined. Could you be married to the wrong person? For Real? 
Now. Notwithstanding the foregoing, should bad sex necessarily lead to divorce? Hme…well, put it this way: I can totally see how it could. Because a lifetime of sexual frustration is…what is that?  Why? No one should be sexually frustrated in a marriage. Better be single and alone than be sexually frustrated with someone lying in your bed.
I think a lot of this so called incompatibility comes down to selfishness, quite frankly. And I think that if sex is consistently bad, other things in the relationship are probably not that fantastic too. And it’s the same trait at issue. It’s just that a lot of times, people don’t make the connection that there are things outside the bedroom that are affecting things inside the bedroom.
I think I need to try to find a sex therapist who can answer this question for us. Maybe I should tweet that we are looking to interview a sex therapist. Because this is a good question. And I don’t think we know the answer. We just know that bad sex is for the birds. And that nobody should have to live an entire lifetime feeling sexually unfulfilled.
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