RUSSIA: Billionaire Roustam Tariko gets alimony from his "poor" wife

RUSSIA: Billionaire Roustam Tariko, founder of Russian Standard Vodka and Russian Standard Bank and owner of the Miss Russia beauty pageant (you can pretty much call him the Donald Trump of Russia), has been adjudicated divorced by the Russian Courts, from his lovely wife Tatiana Osipova.
The couple have been battling for a few years now after a lengthy separation. Ultimately the fight was over custody of the five year old twins and, of course, alimony. Each apparently wanted a third of the other’s salary as alimony and sole custody of the girls.
Tariko, Russia’s 47th richest billionaire, worth in excess of $1.5 billion dollars, will now get alimony from his wife. It sounds bizarre in their milieu, but that is what the courts decided after a lengthy custody battle between the two. Tatiana has to pay her ex husband child support for their two daughters. No word what her annual net worth is. But all bets are off that she’s not livid about this ruling. Talk about socking it to a trophy wife.