Bigamous marriage between Ford, Mazda and Changan ends in divorce: dissolution granted by government

BIGAMOUS MARRIAGE BETWEEN FORD, MAZDA AND CHANGDAN’S BEEN ANNULLED. Don’t know if you were aware of this. I certainly wasn’t. ¬†But apparently China’s Changdan had entered into a bigamous relationship with Mazda and Ford that ended up making all parties miserable. Presumably because neither partner could get enough quality time with each other. This “joint venture” arrangement was to be this great strategic partnership but any fool could have told them that these “menages a trois” never work. Just ask the folks over at Truth About Cars. They can give you the whole low down on this one.
Although, technically, this is not a divorce. It’s really an annulment in just about all states since a bigamous marriage is void ab initio. I mean, you just straight up can’t go around having more than one spouse folks. That is a crime! Check out my post on how to “divorce” a bigamist here.
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