NEW YORK: Jewelry Designer Barry Kieselstein-Cord's 3rd divorce could be as ugly as his second

After his second, messy divorce from wife Cece, jewelry designer Barry Kielselstein-Cord designed a divorce ring that was all the talk of the fashion world. Says New York Magazine at the time:

After spending 1997 embroiled in a messy divorce, Barry Kieselstein-Cord struck back this year, designing a wedding ring so cynical that the word divorced is woven right into the band. “It’s black humor,” says the jewelry-and-accessory designer-to-the-stars, adding that it’s available in silver and gold. “When all seems dark, there is a silver lining in the cloud.” Friends say his ex, CeCe Kieselstein-Cord, seems to have found her own silver lining: Her latest flame is Christopher Heath, the British banker who used to head the former Barings Securities and is now in charge of Caspian Securities. Barry is now dating, too — his new girlfriend is Karen Hersey, a designer whose line of screens and room dividers should be in the stores this fall. Some Upper East Siders are whispering that Karen is a dead ringer for the CeCe of twenty years ago. “She’s a very beautiful woman, as is my ex-wife,” Kieselstein-Cord says diplomatically, before denying that Hersey is a CeCe clone.

Well, guess what I read today in the New York Post? Mr. Divorcing Man himself, Mr. Kieselstein, is divorcing Karen. Yes, the same girl he hooked up with after divorcing Cece. But get this. Three years ago, give or take, he reportedly sold his posh “five story Lexington Townhouse” for twenty-three million dollars. After that, he moved into a rental on the Upper East Side (also according to the Post) and he’s claiming that he’s broke and has cut Karen’s credit cards off.
That is looking like she’s walking away from a ten year marriage with diddly squat. Matter of fact, Karen may find herself having to pay her millionaire husband alimony.
Wow.  These rich guys are really taking their trophy wives for a ride the world over. What are the odds that all these guys go broke so soon prior to an announcement of divorce? Is this an evasion strategy or an avoidance strategy, or just one of those weird coincidences or what?
Oh, and will he design a new divorce ring to commemorate the grand event?
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