NEW YORK: Court orders visitation by skype

Debra Baker v. James Baker
A New York court has ordered a woman to allow her two children to communicate with their father by skype once she moves to Florida. Ms. Baker explained to the judge that she is unemployed and her home is in foreclosure, therefore she has to move to Florida near relatives. Since she is the primary custodian the court has allowed the relocation on the condition that she provide the means for the children to communicate with daddy 3 types per week by skype.
The father is not impressed with this compromise and vows to appeal this decision. He is quoted as saying he is clueless about how to use skype. That would make two of us. But does he have a better idea? He probably wants the court to award him custody and let the mother communicate by skype. That is probably what he and his attorney want and they are going to appeal on that basis. Stay tuned for updates on this.
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