NIGERIA: Divorce after another drunkard husband attacks his wife…at least he didn’t poop in the cooking pots

Last year I heard about this story in Nigeria where a wife went to the courts seeking a divorce because her husband was a habitual drunkard and when he got drunk he beat her and defecated in the pots she used for cooking the family meals. I kid you not. Check out this blog for the low down.
But now, I get wind of another case coming out of Nigeria involving the drunken husband Mr Emmanuel Faleye, and Victoria Faleye, the wife, who, according to the Nigerian Observer complained to the court of his domestic violence and abuse.
Mrs. Faleye went to court praying for relief of divorce because, according to her, when her husband, a habitual drunkard and hemp smoker became inebriated, he “is fond of beating and dragging me around the compound like a dead body.”
The court mercifully granted the divorce but refused to give Victoria sole custody of the child. According to the papers, the judge has sent the case for adjudication to a family court judge.
The only sigh of relief is that he was not shitting in the cooking pots. Know what I’m saying?
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