10 reasons why it's bad to force your teens to pick sides in your divorce

1. The kids could end up hating you if not now, then later when they realize what a number you did on them and how you destroyed the parent/child bond they had with the other parent.
2. It puts undue stress on the kids because they feel like they are in the middle of your adult war. That’s unfair to them.
3. It could cost you custody (due to parental alienation). If the other parent can prove that you are doing this, it is grounds for divesting you of custody because the courts have pretty much said that parental alienation is not in the best interest of the child.
4. It’s petty and immature on your part to try to turn your broken marriage into a life-long war with your ex and to pull your kids in with you. What is the matter with you?
5. The kids deserve to have both parents in their lives. It’s just better for a child to have both parents if this is at all possible. Why rob your own kid of this privilege? Is that the best way you can think of loving them? To put them in the middle of your protracted divorce? Shame on you.
6. The other parent never said that he or she wants a divorce from the kids and you should not unilaterally impose a parent/child divorce.
7. Kids who are forced to pick sides have a higher rate of suicide because they end up blaming themselves for the divorce.
8. How would you feel if you were in the kid’s place? Would you have wanted or chosen to grow up without one of your parents when you were a kid?
9. It puts the kid in the role of “bad guy” and turns the kid into your personal shrink, and forces the kid to grow up too fast and robs the kid of his or her freedom to choose (whatever that choice would be without your interference.)
10. It’s not right.