Dating Etiquette: Post-divorce dating question: should you dump a guy if you found out he hit his ex wife?

This question popped into my head just now for no apparent reason. I’ve been thinking about writing a post about post-divorce dating but I could never think of the angle till now. Now I have a specific question. Let’s say you go on a date with a guy. Either you, or he, or both of you are divorced and you are just getting back into the dating scene.
So during conversation it somehow comes up that he has hit his ex-wife at least once during the marriage. Should you continue to date him? Or do you give him a chance to prove that he’s changed?
My answer: drop him like a brick.
Why? Because the impulse to hit a woman is wired deep into a man’s DNA. Luckily for us all, not all men have this particular trait. But when a man has the trait, he has it for life. There is nothing that he or anyone can do to change it. It sort of is like his goatee. It will grow no matter what he does or it won’t grow no matter what he does.
If a man put his hand to a woman, any woman, even once? Run for the hills. RUN. Don’t walk. Do not continue to see this guy. He may be the most wonderful guy, the cutest guy, the best lay, but you know what? If he hits he is a danger to your life. He can seriously maim you or kill you.
Now, admittedly, post-divorce dating is hard. And it’s slim pickings especially if you are over 40. So you may be tempted to settle, to take what you can get. Resist the urge. It is a fallacy to believe that any man is better than no man. You’ve got to vet these guys and if you know for a fact that he is a hitter, you must dump him for your own good. Because the first time was the ex wife, the next time may be you.
That’s my grand conclusion. But you are free to do what you think is best. Just remember that you were warned.
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