Dating Etiquette: Post-divorce dating question: should you dump a guy if you knew he cheated on his ex wife?

So you are just putting your toes back into the dating pool, post-divorce, and you’ve just found out that a guy you’re interested in had committed adultery in his previous marriage. Should you dump him?
Well, I’m going to seem like a total hypocrite because in the post right before this one, I said if a guy hits a woman you just dump him right away. “Drop him like a brick” I said. But guess what, my answer changes if we are talking about infidelity.
Infidelity is not okay. And to a great extent, I believe the adage, “once a cheater always a cheater.” But I don’t necessarily advocate “dropping him like a brick” for past cheating transgressions. I think sometimes people are just with the wrong person and rather than admit it to themselves and their mate, they go outside the marriage. They are still searching in other words. They are still sowing wild oats.
It’s not technically right. In a perfect world, it is better to ask for a divorce than to commit that dastardly act of cheating on one’s spouse. But I also think that monogamy is a learned trait. It is not exactly wired into our DNA as homosapiens. Quite the opposite.
Cheating, vis -a- vis, hitting, is a different kind of animal. A hitter is a control freak, and angry person who can physically maim you or end your life. A cheater can end your life too, by bringing home lovely diseases, for example.
But it’s still a different issue and while, in the end, you may have been better served dumping him and dropping him like a brick from the get go,¬†maybe a cheater is more easily rehabilitated than a hitter….
Ugh.¬† Hme…wait…
This is a tough question. I’m having trouble with this, unexpectedly….
You know what. Here’s my grand conclusion: if you find out someone you are dating has cheated on his/her spouse (someone with whom they’ve taken vows) then, yes. I think you need to drop this Casanova like a brick. Because if he cheats on one, he will cheat on all. And cheaters CANNOT be rehabilitated.
Ok. Yes. I think that’s my answer: DROP HIM LIKE A BRICK.
Of course, if you are over 40, that is going to reduce your pool of potential mates by almost 99%. But it’s the principle. It’s the principle. You’ve got to drop him. You’ve got to show a good example to younger women.
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