Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt sign divorce papers and split their puppies according to MTV.com

Reality show stars Heidi and Spencer are calling it quits. Seems divorce papers have been signed already and the couple are keeping the divorce uncontested. Very mature of these two. Heidi in particular seems to be taking everything in stride and is spending the down time cleaning her apartment, catching up with girlfriends and otherwise getting on with her life. Though the divorce won’t be final for another 6 months, Montag seems to have a healthy attitude about the whole thing. Says MTV.com;

She explained that the two are trying to work through the last few steps before they can finally be divorced. “We don’t live together,” Montag said. “Spencer and I are finally moving forward with our lives, but with any divorce, there is much to work through. We’ve been together almost five years — there are assets to divide, work to be discussed, and we share our puppies.”