Sadie Frost writes tell all about her divorce from actor Jude Law

Jude may be off to Ibiza to get his mack on with Sienna Miller but it doesn’t mean that ex wife Sadie isn’t still in love with the father of her children. Ms. Frost has written a tell all about her marriage to and divorce from Mr. Law and he is said to have had his solicitors fed ex a writ forbidding her to include certain information and pictures of the children in the tome.
The Frost/Law union did not lack for it’s own drama and debauchery apparently. Allegations of wife-swapping and drug use have been mounted. As has postpartum depression and Sadie cutting herself with a knife while Jude was off doing his movies.
Now that Jude and Sienna have made up and are gallivanting all over the place, Sadie’s apparently gotten a bit territorial, especially since Sienna has taken to getting the children’s hair cut without consulting their mother first.
All that notwithstanding, Sadie’s pulled back some of the more tawdry details of the marriage and divorce to Jude and the project is proceeding with his blessings now, while he allegedly plots his next nuptials to Sienna, allegedly.
Jude, by the way, pays child support for child he fathered with a quote, end quote fame whore named….well, I forgot. But he’s got additional babies that are not Sadie’s.