Billionaire Alki David has lost his mind…he dares someone to flash President Obama

Billionaire divorcé Alki David has dared anyone in the world in need of a million dollars, to flash the president of the United States by streaking across Mr. Obama devoid of clothes.
Mr. David, in case you’ve never heard of him before this, is a billionaire heir of a bottling and shipping magnate, who was born in Nigeria and is currently residing in Cyprus and Los Angeles (he also has homes in UK and Gstaad).
Just late last year, Alki divorced his wife of two years, (they were together for five), Emma, and in the divorce settlement, he reportedly gave her a swanky house in a UK suburb that is worth approximately thirteen million pounds. (All this according to the Daily Mail, btw.) The parties had a prenup which seemingly, was enforced, however, the bottom line seems to be that he did lose some of his prized real estate.
But notwithstanding that loss, he was left with a lot so it doesn’t explain his seeming lapse of judgment and sanity when he recently wagered one million pounds for the person who can streak past President Obama in the nude.
The method to the madness seems to be, ostensibly, to publicize Mr. David’s new website
Clearly, this billionaire has lost his mind.
Do you think the divorce has anything to do with it? Did it crack him in the cranium? Or what?
UPDATE: We got this email from one of Mr. David’s fans today. She sent us a lovely picture but we can’t post it since we don’t know who owns the copyright.

Apparently Mr David is happier then ever. He is engaged to an Italian girl from the states who was a model and now a swimwear designer. So i dont think he’s lost his mind- i think he found it..

He basically got a ton of coverage after making a “dare” like the obama challenge from news channels and websites world wide. Do you know how much you would need to pay for that type of coverage? !!!!
Anyway- I got a good laught after reading your article on Mr.David. Almost all is not true. Emma is not getting  a 13 million pound house; after 1.8 years of marriage and NO KIDS!!! LOL thats a joke. The daily mail states “SELLING UP: The house in Hampstead will go on the market once the terms of the Davids’ divorce are agreed” and ive heard mr david say it many times that he cannot wait to sell the house he calls ” a mistake”.
As a follower of mr david and his new fiance Jennifer who broadcast regularly on ive taken a picture from his facebook … he doesnt look crazy to me 🙂

Putting my thoughts in
Omg. I just went to YOUTUBE to look up this billionaire and I’ve got to say, Alki David needs help. He needs help. There is one video in particular called “Alfi David’s Road to Hell” that is so abhorrent, I couldn’t look away. I was in shock. I didn’t know these types of videos were allowed on YOUTUBE. I don’t recommend anyone looking at it due to adult content and just total crassness and depravity. But I didn’t realize he was like this! When we responded to the email above, we even invited him to post his profile on our dating site which you can access from the top menu, thinking he was normal. Alki David is many things, but he’s not “normal.”
At one point he holds up a huge bag of cocaine in a limo of strangers and asks “do you want some?” It’s depraved. Depraved. Is that what money does to people? Is that what being a billionaire means? If so, I definitely don’t want to be a billionaire. I want to remain poor. Ew.