George Soros is the divorcing man

IS GEORGE SOROS THE DIVORCING MAN? Billionaire philanthropist George Soros’ new name should be “the divorcing man.” That is because when he’s had enough he doesn’t think twice about dropping ’em like a brick. And not just his wives. He’s had about two of those so far and he dropped them like a brick when he ceased being impressed with their London Broils.
Now, it’s come to my attention that he does the very same thing with business associates. Like a guy named….whatwashisface?….I forgot. But he dropped this guy like a hot brick.
Now, it’s come to my attention that divorcing George has dropped AOL. He had invested a ton of cash into the company, about $12 million according to marketwatch. But somewhere along the way, he stopped enjoying the London broil that AOL CEO Tim Armstrong was serving and so he just pulled ALL his money out of AOL. George is still heavily invested in AOL’s rival Yahoo!
That is salt in the wound if ever there was such a thing. Poor AOL. In Divorce Saloon parlance, that’s a unilateral, sua sponte D I V O R C E that AOL got. And it was their own fault for making bad-tasting London Broil for Georgie Porgie to eat.