Oscar winner Hilary Swank says divorce does not mean failure

Academy Award winner Hilary Swank is on the cover of In Style this month. She is quoted as saying that her 14 years of marriage to Chad Lowe is not a “failure” just because it ended in divorce. She views it as “14 years of success.” I think I like that viewpoint. That is very “new marriage.” As I’ve been saying, that old model of marriage (“old marriage”) and what it means to have a successful marriage is going the way of the dinosaurs. Frankly, we will see the day when a ten year marriage will seem like an eternity. Most marriages will have the shelf life of 2-5 years and that will be considered success. Hilary is spot on when she says that she does not view it as failure. That is because it was not failure. Not by today’s definition.
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