NEW YORK: Billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller divorces ALL his investors

Yesterday we dubbed George Soros the “divorcing man” because we felt he has a history of “dropping people like bricks” when he is over them for whatever reason. And that includes his wives.
Now, today, we get wind that one of George’s protéges, supertrader Stanley Druckenmiller, also has a reputation for dropping em like bricks. So should we therefore dub Stan the “divorcing man number two?’
Wall Street seems taken by surprise by Druckenmillers latest drop. Why? This is the same Stan Druckenmiller who a few years backed, dropped billionaire George Soros (yes, the same George Soros) and George’s company Soros Fund Management like a brick to start his own fund Duquesne Capital Management.
At the time Stan apparently said that the Soros fund had gotten too big and he couldn’t wrap his head around that much girth anymore.
Well, guess what? The same thing happened again. Stan’s fund, Duquesne, has also bloated beyond Stan’s tolerance levels (it’s like, the fund’s got a huge amount of excess fat) and this time, since Stan’s the boss, he just dropped EVERYBODY like a bunch of hot Kim Kardashians Heidi Montags. According to this is what Druckenmiller told investors:

“I chose to leave Soros Fund Management ten years ago because the challenge of managing an enormous amount of capital was having a clear impact on my ability to perform, as well as my state of being,” Druckenmiller wrote in a letter to investors Wednesday. “Unfortunately, as Duquesne has grown, these factors have again emerged.”

I think I get it. Druck’s not into really, really big things. I will bet you money that he prefers a woman with a really small, compact, perky bosom, to say, someone with enormous, exaggerated silicone implants any day of the week. Excess fat totally gets in the way of his “performance.” And look, saying that made me blush. It did. But I’m thinking that Druck doesn’t like things that are too big. You know what I’m saying? 🙂
Giggle. Giggle. I’m a sick, sick individuals, aren’t I?
Nah. Only kidding. According to this divorce is about golf. After 30 years, Druck has told reporters that he wants to have some time to play some golf.