Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson battle for custody of baby Lucia…ex wife Robyn to be subpoenaed

Entertainment Tonight is reporting that Oksana and Mel were in court today on a custody hearing for baby Lucia Gibson. Mel is trying to get his “father’s rights.” And whatever else he’s guilty of, the one good thing he said on those tapes (and I heard him myself) is, “I  WANT MY DAUGHTER!”
So this is a father who is interested in, and takes full responsibility for his child. You can bet he hired “father’s rights” experts to see that that happens. But it’s going to be a tough fight. Really tough. Oksana’s lawyers are reportedly fixing to subpoena Mel’s ex wife Robyn…well, they are not yet divorced, technically. But his estranged wife Robyn to question her about an allegation that Mel at some point had flung a television at her. You may recall that Robyn submitted a signed and sworn affidavit to the court that Mel has never hit or any of their seven children. So she has opened the door to be subpoenaed and questioned. And since she will be under oath, she has to be extremely careful about perjury, which could carry a jail sentence. Oops. What has Robyn gotten herself into?
Certainly, it does not appear, just from the terroristic threats on the Oksana Tapes that Mel could get custody anyways.  I would personally be stunned if any court of law were to grant custody to Mr. Gibson under these circumstances. You may wish to take a contrarian view on this of course. But I don’t see it. I don’t see him getting custody.
This fight is really about his visitation, how much he will get, and whether they will be supervised and for how long. Oksana is definitely getting custody of Lucia.
Of course, I could have it all wrong. Mel could reconcile with Robyn; the DA could refuse to indict him on domestic violence charges; Oksana could be charged with extortion, and baby Lucia could wind up living with Robyn and Mel and calling Robyn “mommy.”
Stranger things have happened. Nothing would surprise me.
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