CALIFORNIA: Big wig divorce lawyers Wasser and Susman duke it out in the McCourt case – new documents found that could be a game changer

BREAKING DIVORCE NEWS: Dennis Wasser (father of divorce attorney extraordinaire Laura Wasser) and  Stephen Susman are two of California’s top divorce lawyers. They represent Frank and Jamie McCourt respectively in their bitter divorce currently being tried in a Los Angeles Superior court.
According to, Mr. Wasser has found a smoking gun document that proves that Jamie McCourt is due a stake in the Dodgers. The couple has been duking it out in court and cannot agree who owns the Dodgers. Frank and his team argue that he is the sole owner. Jamie’s team has been arguing that she has a stake per an agreement they signed.
Well, seems there may be different versions of the same agreement and the question is, which of the versions is the last one and the authentic one? Jamie’s lawyers are planning a motion to have the “smoking gun” version admitted as part of the evidence in the case and Wasser is quoted as saying that it will “blow the case out the water.”
If I recall correctly, (and for some strange reason we have not been on top of this case), Jamie wanted about a million dollars in alimony per month. But she got a far cry from that.

In May, a judge awarded her $225,000 a month in temporary spousal support and ordered Frank McCourt to pay $412,159 a month for the pair’s six homes and a condominium. Jamie McCourt had been seeking nearly $1 million in support and mortgage payments.

If the judge grants the motion, this could mean the end is in sight for the warring couple. It seems that the question “who owns the Dodgers” is the only thing that is holding up the adjudication of this divorce. Stay tune for updates on how this new development plays out.
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