Does divorce intensify sibling rivalry in teenagers?

A friend of mine got into a car accident the other day. She was driving her two girls, 13 and 11, to batting practice when one of the girls let out a screech. Turns out one sister had scratched the other and left ugly red welts on the other’s leg. The screech the injured sister let out was so frightening that my friend hit the brakes in the middle of the highway and someone ran into her back. The good news it was only a fender bender. But it did make me wonder whether her divorce was having an adverse effect on the girls and whether it was intensifying their sibling rivalry. They always had squabbles, but as they grow older, they seem to squabble even more.
Can divorce do that? Can it intensify sibling rivalry? I think it is totally possible. I think divorce can be a deep psychological issue with siblings; sure, rivalry would probably exist even if parents do not divorce. But divorce and the stress of it can and does intensify sibling rivalry. I think a part of the problem may be subliminal anger, fear and resentment about the divorce that gets projected from sibling to sibling.  It’s almost as if the siblings can’t direct their true emotions to their parents so they turn on each other. Plus, it’s a way to get attention from their parents which may otherwise be directed at other things, like the divorce. What do you think about this? Can divorce intensify sibling rivalry? And why do you think yes or no?