Heidi Montag's post-divorce sex tapes makes her cry

Their divorce is scheduled for finalization on Valentine’s Day 2011 according to reports, but Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt will likely be fighting and negotiating long after that. Newest reports and updates by US Magazine is that Heidi’s soon to be ex Spencer is allegedly peddling a sex tape which we’ve dubbed, affectionately “HeidiLeaks” (inspired by WikiLeaks, get it?) featuring himself and the surgically enhanced reality show star. A friend of Heidi’s apparently told Radaronline that she is in tears since she is very religious and would never put out a sex tape of herself.
Honestly, how uncouth. How ew. All of these sex tape leaks by these “stars” are so crass and so gross. But what is deeply troubling, is that the world we live in today likes that kind of thing and rewards it hugely. Look at what sex tapes did for Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian’s career. All of a sudden, Kim Kardashian is the biggest star in the world, she’s on  the cover of Allure Magazine, she has a fancy million dollar home in Hollywood and her only claim to fame is that she made a sex tape with a guy named Ray J.
And hey, look, I get it. They are giving the people what the people want. It’s business. This is a part of the business model for new Hollywood. Fine. Fine. But then don’t try to pretend they are so “upset” when the tape drops. Because that’s fake. I’m not buying it. Much as the lady protests, I’m sure that Heidi Montag has already pulled out her I-phone calculator to do the math. And through her pretty tears, she hears the beautiful sound that goes something like this: “Ca ching, Ka ching.”
So spare us the spectacle, Heidi, of your crocodile tears. Next time, if it is truly so upsetting to you, don’t roll the video while having sacred little ménages with your husband in the first place.