SWEDEN: Divorce Julian Assange, WikiLeaks hacker, is wanted for sex crimes

STOCKHOLM: Is WikiLeaks hacker and divorcé Julian Assange getting hounded and witch-hunted by the CIA in retaliation for leaking all those classified documents about the war in Afghanistan in his “Afghan War Diary” post on his website? That is what some folks are saying. Others demur that he’s just a divorcé sex offender who’s going to get what’s due to him for allegedly raping and molesting two women in Sweden.
So who is this guy Julian Assange anyways? Well, he’s a weirdo in a lot of ways, and he speaks in this very creepy, quiet, deep voice. That is my first observation. But internally, what drives him? That is what I want to know. Who is this guy on the inside? Why would he do these things like leak classified documents that could get thousands of people killed? And did he assault those women?
What drives Julian Assange? Is he angry about something? Does it go back to his childhood? It always does, you know. It always goes back to childhood. How many posts have we done about how divorce can mess up kids? Too many. And here’s a classic example: Julian Assange. Julian, apparently, comes from a broken home. His parents divorced when he was an infant and he spent the rest of his young life living like a gypsy, going from place to place. His mother remarried and his step father, allegedly, was a bastard. So Julian also developed a healthy disrespect for authority, a situation, arguably, that has set him on the current trajectory he’s on. This boy doesn’t give a shit about anything and anyone. He’s empty inside. But he says it’s the truth he cares about.
We got some secondary info from the UK Guardian about this chap that might shed some light on some of his motivations:

“Assange was born in Queensland in 1971 into what sounds a highly unconventional family – here one is relying on those secondary sources he warned me about, and it really would be useful to see the documentation. His parents ran a touring theatre company, and he went to 37 different schools (though some accounts suggest his mother thought school encouraged deference to authority, so educated him mainly at home). His parents divorced, his mother remarried, there was a bustup with her new husband, which led to her, Julian and his half-brother going on the run. It all sounds too Warholian to be true, but I suppose we have to trust it. There is no time to ask him for his life history, and I don’t suppose he’d be very interested to tell it if there was. His replies generally are brief and a little hesitant, and when I ask him whether there is anything that WikiLeaks wouldn’t publish he says, “That isn’t an interesting question,” in his soft Australian accent, and leaves it at that. Assange is not someone who feels the need to fill dead air.
He fell in love with computers in his teens, became a skilled hacker and formed a group called International Subversives, which broke into US defence department computers. He married at 18, and he and his wife soon had a son, but the marriage broke down and he fought a long custody battle, which, it is said, entrenched his dislike of authority. There are also suggestions he felt some people in the government had been conspiring against him. So we have a neat journalistic picture: computer expert with two decades of hacking experience, hostility to authority, conspiracy theorist. Setting up WikiLeaks in his mid-30s looks like an inevitable move.” Guardian UK.

This is illustrative. I mean, in addition to a parental divorce, Julian also suffered a divorce himself. And in exercising his “father’s rights” he became embroiled in a particularly vituperative, combative and vitriolic custody war with his ex, according to secondary sources, and it doesn’t look like he won. In fact, I read the result was that he ended up in the hospital from all the stress, and his hair turned grey. It is unclear if he has any relationship with his son but it does not appear that his son lives with him. Rather, Mr. Assange lives the life of a nomad, with no fixed address, reportedly sleeping with friends, in hotels, and perhaps, even, in the woods in tents for all anyone knows about the secretive whistle-blower. Where is he now? No one knows. But he’s believed to be oceans away from the place he began WikiLeaks, Reykjavik, Iceland.
Hme…that could explain a lot…
Some say that it was this experience with the courts following his divorce and custody battle that was the last straw for Assange. He developed a total distaste for the law, the government, the courts, women and any and all displays of authority after that. And long story short, now this is where he is: wanted for sex crimes, and wanted by the CIA and Pentagon for war crimes and constitutional crimes against the United States.
By the way, speaking of the Constitution, might he be protected by the First Amendment freedom of the press mandate on this one? The leaks, I mean, not the alleged rape? He’s not American. So it may not even matter. It’s not like they can’t haul him into an American forum even if this act was outside the parameters of freedom of the press. But hypothetically, if they could, why is this not protected activity pursuant to the Constitution? Why isn’t this freedom of the press?
Interesting case. Especially because no one can figure out how to get him. His set up is almost impenetrable. Here’s how he allegedly described what he does according to a website: “an uncensorable system for untraceable mass document leaking and public analysis.” The author of the piece from which I just quoted went on to say, “and a government or company that wanted to remove content from WikiLeaks would have to practically dismantle the Internet itself.”
If they can’t get him on free press violations, can’t they get him on some kind of theft-based theory that infringes copyright and trademark laws? It’s probably more civil than criminal. Or is it? I mean, he basically stole these documents. Copyrighted documents, possibly trademarked documents, and he also, as the WSJ put it, “received stolen property.”  ……….what if he’s really Osama Bin Laden?………….
UPDATE: Sweden has dropped the rape charge. Sexual molestation still pending. Stay tuned www.twitter.com/divorcesaloon
Wow. This is getting interesting.