Oh. My. Heavens! I think President Obama is following us on Twitter! Can that be right? I went to this website that tells you who is following you and it clearly implies that Mr. President is following us. That. Is. Crazy. 
Oh. My. Heavens!
We’ve said so many things about him that may be construed as if we are not supporters. On the contrary. We love the President. We just want to see him help out Main Street more. He should have prioritized Main Street, sweetened our lot a little bit. But he focused more on bigger fish like Banks and the Wars.
We still love you, Mr. President. We still support you. Just please do something for Main Street fast. People are really suffering in this country, Mr. President. And that is why we said what we said in our other posts. Because we want you to get on this issue urgently. Not because we don’t love you anymore.
Divorce Saloon’s family loves you and your family very much. And we want you to succeed and we want you to realize you can’t succeed until Main Street gets happy.
Lot’s of love, and success dust to you, and thanks for following us!!!
Oh, and if that website is wrong and you are not in fact following us, it’s okay. We love you anyway.  🙂