CONNECTICUT: Is there "corruption" in the family/divorce bar & courts of Connecticut?

I’ve spoken with more than one person who alleges that the Connecticut divorce/family court system¬†is corrupt and is skewed in favor of moneyed spouses who usually turn out to be the husbands. More than one woman and pro se litigant has complained not only that their lawyers are creming them for millions of dollars in legal fees but the courts just have no regard for their rights and arguments. I just viewed this video by this woman who claims she spent millions of dollars on her lawyers and she gets no access to her kids. And she seems sane! Check out the video here.
I have a friend who had a Connecticut divorce. She’s been fighting for years just to get her prenup considered. The prenup was literally ignored by all the lawyers and the courts, according to her, and she was left with a measly settlement that will run out before she hits 60 in a couple of years.
Seems the Connecticut Family bar is very small and very intimate and everybody knows everybody and none of them are looking out for the litigants and women are getting the shaft.
Or, at least, so goes the story.
What about you? Do you live in Connecticut? What was your experience with the divorce courts in your state?