Should you have to repay pre-divorce "promissory notes" from your estranged spouse?

ON REPAYING PRE-DIVORCE PROMISORY NOTES: It’s a totally weird concept to me, but a few high profile cases have highlighted the issue of inter-marital promissory notes and how they become debts from one spouse to the other after a divorce. A recent Court of Appeals case in Connecticut actually dealt with the issue and the wife in the case had received a certain number of promissory notes from her more affluent husband. When they divorced, she tried to get out of having to pay them and the court of appeals basically said she did not have a choice. She had to pay the debts and the courts even set an interest rate at the very exorbitant 8%.
It’s a strange concept, really, when you think about it: this idea that during the marriage, a husband (or wife) can give his wife (often a homemaker) money for any reason in the form of promissory notes which she has to pay back. Especially since in most states, anything the couple acquires during marriage is marital property. So directly, or indirectly, a party may be getting a promissory note from marital property – which seems oxymoronish.
Still, if two parties enter into an agreement that the money will be repaid, then they should honor the agreement. Especially if it is in writing. And for it to be a promissory note, it has to be in writing.
I guess the issue I have with these marital promissory notes is they seem inherently icky. Something about it says “I don’t trust you and I don’t love you 100% and I am not fully committed to you and I don’t think you are fully committed to me so sign this because at some time I may want to get my money back, you bitch.”
Know what I mean? (Sorry I used the B word. I watched an entire afternoon of Keeping up with the Kardashians and they like to throw that word around. BTW, I think I like the show. I take back any and everything judgmental and derogatory I ever said about the Kardashians. They are not boring. At all.)
So, what do you think about these promissory notes thingies? Would you sign one?