NEW YORK: Is Diandra Douglas greedy? Is she trying to shake down cancer-stricken ex hubby Michael Douglas for money she doesn't deserve?

Poor Rich White Guy Michael Douglas can’t catch a break. First he’s diagnosed with cancer, now his ex wife of ten years, Diandra Douglas wants to get more money from him for is latest movie, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.
Greed is bad. Greed is really really bad. But is it greed that drives Diandra? Or is she right to stand up for herself? As part of their settlement agreement, Michael agreed to pay her for any sequels to any movies made during their marriage. Clearly, if the character is named Gordon Gekko, this is a sequel. It’s the same character isn’t it? The same premise? Where does his lawyers get off by saying this is not a sequel?
He was shortsighted or his lawyers were stupid not to do this differently. He could have changed the name of the main character in the plot. Or don’t call it Wall Street. This is a sequel. And Diandra may be greedy, but greed is not the point. Contract law is the point. They had a contract that he would pay for sequels. Damn, she had a good lawyer. He had a bad to mediocre lawyer. He never should have a greed to this sequel thing. That was dumb. That will be a lien on all this work till he dies, so long as he makes movies that have any bearing on movies he made while married to her. THAT WAS SO DUMB OF HIS LAWYERS TO LET HIM AGREE TO THAT!
But in a way, Diandra is being greedy. She should let it be. How much is enough? As a matter of principle and conscience?
Could Michael get that settlement agreement modified at this point? I don’t think so. I think he’s stuck. And that is the thing. His lawyers screwed him big time on this one. This was dumb on their part to let their clients sign such a broad agreement. This was so incredibly dumb.